An extensive range of products are available from PTS, our inventory is updated regularly;

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We stock and hold a wide range of Piston, gear and vane pumps for a wide range of applications.

We can offer products from our supply partner ranges – Hydac, OMT, FBN relating to return, suction, pressure and offline filter solutions.

We stock and manufacture rubber, thermoplastic and industrial hoses in all thread configurations from our 1/8” to 6” dia. from our supply partner EvoFluid Hydraulics.

We offer a wide range of mobile mono block & sectional to cetop DCV’s to cartridge style, and inline options for flow, pressure, direction requirements.
We stock and offer supporting products relating to bellhousings, drive couplings, quick connectors, vibration mounts, coolers, heaters and reservoir accessories for hydraulic systems.
We design, manufacture and service a wide range of industrial, marine and special application linear actuators.

All supporting products relating to accumulators, pressure intensification, pressure indication, flow monitoring, oil purification for all types of fluids from fuels, oil and water based and special applications from our supply partners.

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